News of the Future

Last Television News Station Goes offline

Today, 10 years from now the world says goodbye to TV news. As social networks rise and cable subscriptions plummet, people wonder what could ever replace the Internet? Incidents similar to those chronicled in this TechCrunch article are sure to become very common.


Virtual Book Sales pass Real Books

Fifty years after Project Gutenberg was started, the sales of e-books sold this year will passed the amount of paper books sold. The most highly published book ever, The Bible, still sold more print copies than digital.

Holographic Computer

May 30th, 2021 — World’s First Holographic Computer Monitor

Today in the Future the first no glasses, no screen, holographic computer monitor is released. Because it uses the same basic technology as holographic cards, you can use a specialised scanner to digitize your baseball card collection.



Update: it appears there is an early prototype of this product here today

Welcome to the year 2021

With help from a certain doctor I am pleased to bring you the Enter the Future blog. For the greater good and hopes of creating a better world I will be posting updates from 10 years in the future. As many physicists will tell you, any posts foretelling events beyond 10 years would disrupt the time stream and result in big problems for the universe. Luckily my doctor has promised me that all of the news he will be relaying me is safe to publish. This is due to the fact that it is easily changed, as is all of the future. If you do not like what I post feel free to make your own future.